DS news!

  Hi Guys!

          Snowy1900 Here! Here is some ds game news!

DS game coming to new Countries!


So many of you from the UK and Australia have been waiting to get the Club Penguin Nintendo DS Game: Elite Penguin Force… and the team’s been working really hard to get it to you. We’re very excited to finally tell you that this Friday, March 13, it’ll be available in Australia and the UK!!


The game will be available in Australia in stores including Wal-Mart and Target.


In the UK, it’ll be available at stores including: GAME; Argos; ASDA; Toys”R”Us; HMV. It’ll also be online at: Disneystore.co.uk; Play.com; Amazon.co.uk.

              Isnt that cool? Lol. I have it and the surprise is…………..there is a room in the closet thingy in the HQ!

         :D sorry for giving the Surprise away…………



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