St. Patrick’s Day Party Spoiler and All About The White Puffle

Billybob has released to us two things. A St. Patrick’s Day sneak peek and some news on the White Puffle. I have completely summed up everything on the white puffle into a guide! Enjoy!

First, this is a picture the St. Patrick’s Day Party.


Now let’s learn about the white puffle. Here’s the things we know (with a cool picture!)


  • The white puffle is very mysterious.
  • They like to hide.
  • They are smaller than normal puffles.
  • They are going to have a very unique set of tricks.
  • They can be found at the dojo and ski hill.
  • They are in the puffle round up game.
  • There is one white puffle in one of Club Penguin’s puffle backgrounds.
  • We have spotted a white puffle in Club Penguin’s puffle video/commercial.
  • There will be a white puffle released on Club Penguin, and I will post all the cheats!

What’d you think of my guide? What do you think the free item will be? I love to hear your thoughts!


2 Responses

  1. cool guide lol, cant wait for the puffles and party!

  2. =]

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