Check out the telescope at the beacon! There’s a ship in the distance. It’s Rockhopper!He’ll be here February 27, so lets hope the party will be extended for him. I wouldn’t want Yarr to miss out!


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  1. Hey rac van! Maybe we could have a Combined party in Early April? Think about it!

  2. ill get back on that! Cuase i got 2 parties planned in March already so idk if i can have them so close together, but o well! in the Future hopefully we can Discuss a tiem and Date

  3. Why dont you have a blogroll?

  4. Hey, since I just got to 10,000 hits can you add me to your blogroll? If you say yes, I will add you on mine.

  5. lol :p

  6. Hey Racvan! If I add you as an admin, can you please make the text in my sidebar back to normal size?

  7. lalalalalala

  8. Want to be added on my blogroll ?
    First add me on your blogroll , then comment on my site , then i will add you to my blogroll !
    Left side is my site name and my name !

  9. Hi! Nice post!

    Please click on my name to se my Party Info!

    Comment if u can come or not Please!!!!


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