Penguin Style

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The January 2009 clothing catalog is now on display and there are a lot of secrets within it.


Click on the blue light on page 1 for the spikette.


Press a flower pot on page 2 for the fruit headdress.


Click the orange gift on page 3 for the yellow scarf.


Click the tip of the mountain on page 4 for a Russian hat.


Press the tip of the tree on page 5 for the red viking helmet.


Open and close the red viking helmet four times for the blue viking helmet.


Click on the snowman hat on page 7 for the pink pom pom toque.


Press the snowflake at page 9 for a red hoodie.



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  1. party tomorrow! i might not come or might come, i might eat dinenr after church and i come home form church the time ur party starts, so idk if i can come

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