Clubpenguin Mission 10 Guide

Mission 10 has just been released! Go to the H.Q. and click on the computer panel in the bottom corner. Click on the current mission “Waddle Squad” and then click ‘launch mission.’

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to beat Mission 10, Waddle Squad.

1) Talk to G and preferably click on the first answer they give you.

2) Use the map to go to the Town, then click on the Gift Shop door.

How to Receive the Gift: During sometime when you’re in the Gift Shop, talk to the manager and pick up the table and two boxes. Put them in your inventory. Go to the Town and set up the table outside the Gift Shop, put the boxes of clothes on top.

3) Talk to Rookie, he will ask you to fetch the solar panel for him. That means go back to the H.Q., pick up the solar panel in the box and put it in your inventory.

4) Go back to the Gift Shop and take out the solar panel. Attach it to the wires hanging from the magnet.

5) It’s time to be a mechanic! Click on the instructions hidden near the left. The object is to connect the matching colors without having them cross, you can use an eraser or just press Start Over to redue the circuit. But here is a picture of the final product for your help.

Final Circuit

6) Go to the Dock, and ask the penguin for some rope. Now go to the Dance club and attach the rope to G’s trap.

7) When you pull the lever the trap will break. Take out your spy phone and click on the red button to get the wrench. Unscrew the bolts on the trap and look inside.

8 ) Put the gears in their correct spot to fix the trap, make sure to pull the lever so the trap is ready.

9) Head to the Beach and talk to the Jet Pack Guy. Now go in the Lighthouse and grab a barrel of cream soda. Go back to the Beach and give the barrel to the Jet Pack dude.

10) You need to divide the cream soda into 2 glass with 4 units of soda inside each glass. It’s simple, just click on the ‘help’ bottle and it tells you how much of the cream soda should be in each flask. Here are the numbers though. 
• 8, 0, 0
• 3, 5, 0
• 3, 2, 3
• 6, 2, 0
• 6, 0, 2
• 1, 5, 2
• 1, 4, 3
• 4, 4, 0
Start from the top and go down. The first column of numbers are for the large flask, the middle column is for the medium-sized flask, and the last column for the small flask. Put the exact amount of cream soda in each flask. When you finish, talk to the Jet Pack dude and he will fly away.

11) Jet Pack Dude will call you on your phone, go to the Dock and watch Klutzy escape. 

12) Now Rookie will call you saying,”Herbert’s at the Night Club.” Go to the Night Club and trap Herbert in the trap. Once he gets out Rookie will turn the magnet on.

13) In order for Herbert to stay trapped, aim all the Night Club lights towards the solar panel. Or use the Jet Pack to push the trap against Herbert.

14) Talk to everyone, and click on the first answer they give you. Stupid Rookie will give Herbert his spy phone and Herbert will transport somewhere else. 

15) Talk to G about the seeds, then use your Night Vision Goggles to see complete the mission!

You can receive your new medal! Here is a picture of it:

Mission 10 Medal

If you followed my instructions to receive the gift, you get an ‘Employee of the Month’ award for helping the manager!

Mission 10 Gift

And Thats All… Also lets thank mr fun 5 for this awesome cheat



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  1. welcome back! i didnt post this because u didnt know if u wanted to when u came back…..

  2. If I am gone post what ever comes out…. thx 4 posting

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