Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats

Wow, very nice clothing catalog cheats today. Here they are.

Turn on the four lights on the Christmas tree for a yellow scarf (page 3/4).


And turn the page.. The black toque has returned! My favorite item that I never had.

Click the tip of the pine tree on page 7 for a Russian hat.


Press the lighthouse picture in the back ground of page 16 for a red hoodie!


Of course, the red viking helmet, click this secret four times for a blue helmet. The eyes on page 9.


The shoes are on clearance now, and there is one new background.


The pin is at the pets shop.



8 Responses

  1. Nice Post! I also really like the catalog.


  2. hey remember me? lol

  3. I do!!

  4. lol ya, and 8,001 hits? thats a weir number, congrats on 8,001 hits! is there any chance u can add me to ur blog roll, cause im addign u now!

  5. o i put dviper, sicne it would be closer to the top, anyway i put racvan aka dviper27, sicne thats what ur commenting thing says

  6. what little pic? lol im responding on this site so u get a hit, or somthing

  7. Actually it can be either the eyes or the beak of the red penguin.

  8. It’s me DJ Nuts, add me to ye blogroll and I add you to mine’s.

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