Sensei Answers


Also here is the banner for the 7,000 hit party Saturday Here

Well, the Sensei has revealed some information a lot of you may not know. This is definitely true because it came straight from him in the latest newspaper.


Question – Did you build the Dojo?
Answer – Many years ago, when I was young and alone, I built the Dojo.

Question – Where have you been since then?
Answer – I was wandering around the wilderness, learning and seeking wisdom.

Question – Do you always speak in Haiku form?
Answer – No.

Question – Have many penguins defeated you?
Answer – You ask me who has beaten me? Only black belts have. I love Card Jitsu. I’ll play with anyone…but only masters win.

Question – Can you tell us anything about the perks of being a ninja?
Answer – All ninjas can go in secret hideout. And some maybe…disappear.

Question – Are you saying ninjas can turn invisible?
Answer – Heh heh heh maybe – there are ninja already in this room, maybe?

Question – Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Answer – Yes. Come and visit me in the Dojo. Bring friends. And play Card-Jitsu.

Upcoming Events

  • December 5 – Penguin Style Catalog, Sports Shop catalog, new pin hidden,
  • December 12 – Quest for the Golden Puffle Play.

2 Responses

  1. Cool! Great info.

  2. Dec.25 Giant laser destroys club penguin

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