Here is the martial art catolog: click here for it
Martial Artworks

Inside the catalog is the official ninja outfit! It costs 1,000 coins in case you didn’t know.

Ninja Outfit

Inside the catalog, Sensei talks about his journey on creating the Dojo. Here is what he says.

Sensei – “I too have come here to learn.” I said out loud, “Here I will build my Dojo.”

And now he gives us a Dojo Igloo. It is available for 5,000 coins.

Sensei – “A Dojo must have many places to learn in.” I said out loud. “I will build strong walls, and rice paper flats to make rooms.”

You can purchase Rice Paper Wall Screens for 500 coins.

Sensei – “I will carve some lanterns,” I said out loud.”So fire can come inside with me.”

Lastly, a stone lantern is inside for 575 coins.

Sensei – “Having learned from water, snow, and fire I built the Dojo in the mountains. When it was finished, I rang a gong to announce that it was complete.”

So now you can buy a gong too, for 400 coins. Now learn from Sensei’s tale of fire, water, and snow and build your own Dojo with those materials!


3 Responses

  1. I like the stuff in the ninja catalog. The work to being a ninja is worth it.

  2. That is so cool1 How do you know all that stuff? Do you like work 4 Clubpenguin?

    Racvan: Lol…. I don’t work 4 CP.You jut have tp be very observant.

  3. That is like so kool, how did u get it?

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