Clubpenguin Toys: Mix & Match Figures!

Hello Penguins!

Some of you have written to say that you think the 2″ Mix & Match Figures are so much fun! We think they’re awesome, too. I have the Space Alien and the Astronaut here, and it’s cool to mix them up! We’d love to hear what your favorite Mix & Match Figures and combinations are…

mix&match.jpgThe Mix & Match figures are available North American Toys”R”Us stores, Club Penguin Online Store, and Disney Stores and Theme Park locations across North America. Also, the Club Penguin Toys page has an update about the new Trading Cards. Visit to take a look! Let us know what you think.

In Other News: I’ve been hearing from some of you that you’ve had a chance to meet Gary the Gadget Guy waddling around the island for the Halloween festivities. He’s invented so many cool things in Club Penguin (like the Jet Pack and the Pizzatron 3000), but he’s a bit shy of crowds sometimes. If you’re wearing your Rad Scientist costume, it’ll probably make him feel right at home! If you see him, say hello from me. Don’t forget — the Halloween Party comes down on Monday, so be sure and do the scavenger hunt if you haven’t already!! Click Here to comment


3 Responses

  1. I Can’t Wait For That To Come Out!

  2. are the mix and match figures out already?

  3. I Think it comes out November 17th

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