Racvans 5,000 hits party reminder


Ever want to be famous on Club Penguin? Well here’s your chance! This will be my biggest party bash coming up and I will be having a contest while we’re there. Here’s what will happen to tons of lucky winners:

  • 20 penguins will be added on my buddy list.
  • 5 penguins player cards will be shown on the site with a small writing about them.
  • One lucky winner will be mentioned in my next video as well as be added to my blog roll!
  • The grand prize winner will receive an exclusive video interview by me, and will have their name listed in one of my pages!

Here are the details of what’s going to happen at the party:

  • I will play fun games in my igloo and search for cheats. (Such as snow ball fights.)
  • We will play find 4 or Treasure hunt.
  • We will march around the server gaining people to follow.
  • There shall be much more awesome things to do.

Now, I bet a lot of you are wondering when my party is. I have whipped up an image for the occasion. You can use it on your site if you want Photobucket


3 Responses

  1. Can you make it?

  2. Im coming to the party to rate it, i am very good at rating parties!

    It must have the following :
    We go into your igloo
    1 marriage
    15 People meeting a new man/woman
    Dance hour
    Chatty time!
    Change rooms At most times
    Talk about your website
    Tell secrets
    Question Quiz
    Tell cheats live

  3. cool site dude!

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