Our Chat : http://xat.com/racvancp

Our Chat :  http://xat.com/racvancp


Clubpenguin 3rd Anniversery

Hello Penguins the 3rd anniversery is here, here is a picture of the town







Here is what you do to get the party hat











Clubpenguin Times Newspaper

Hello Sorry For Not posting in 3 days

Rockhopper says he has a suprise for us!!










Congrats Scary Igloo Winners!








A Storm Is Coming Soon Could It Bring Ninjas??


Clubpenguin Anniversery Will be themed Like New York











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Clubpenguin Rockhopper






Criedit to chewy pup

He brought along some cool items, including the return of the eye patch.

Check out the Notice Board in Rockhopper’s quarters. (Basically telling you what he will be doing from now, until October 27th.)

Club Penguin will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary in Time Square, New York. (Read more about this:http://www.clubpenguin.com/celebrate/.)

To get the Chalkboard, click on the book laying on the student desk.

Click the fire inside of the Pizza Oven 2 times, to get the stainless steal refrigerator.

Click on the guitar stand to get the music stand.

Clubpenguin Elite Force Sneek Peek

Here are some screen shots of Clubpenguin Elite Force Sneek Peek:

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3rd Anniversary Party News!

Hello Penguins!

There sure is a lot going on in Club Penguin this month, and one of the most exciting events is the upcoming 3rd Anniversary Party! There are a couple of surprises, but here’s what I can tell you right now:

  • The celebration starts on October 24 (the same day the new toys arrive!) and goes until October 26. We get to party together ALL weekend!
  • More areas will be decorated
  • A new Yearbook will be released! 

The Yearbook is really cool because it’ll show a lot of the events you told us you loved from the past year. You’ll be able to see it at the party, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek:

Yearbook_SneakPeek.jpgI’ll have more details about the party next week. Be sure to let us know what you think and tell us what you have planned to celebrate our 3rd year!   

Clubpenguin New Stage

Hello Penguins….


Theres a new pin at the Ski lodge


Theres a new costume and a new stage