Clubpenguin Upcoming events

There’s a lot of stuff going on this Fall and we wanted to make sure you know what’s going on! We’ve been listening to your creative ideas about what you’d like to see next and it’s been a huge help–so thanks! Here’s some things you can look forward to:

The Fall Fair party (all the favorites from last year plus new stuff!)
A visit from Rockhopper (who always brings cool stuff!)
Halloween Party (complete with an igloo decorating contest, awesome costumes, and lots of spooky surprises!)
3rd Anniversary Party (Club Penguin is turning 3!)
A new Yearbook (with highlights of the past year!)
A new mission (many of you have been asking about this – I will have more info in the next couple weeks!)

That’s not all of course. Catalogs and collectible pins will be released too! Be sure to let us know what you’d like to see!

In Other News: A lot of you have been saying how much you love the new play Ruby and The Ruby. The team really appreciates all the cool comments you leave, so thanks. If you’re having trouble solving the mystery, read the script, and try watching other penguins!


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  1. Cool isn’t it?

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