Clubpenguin Glitch

I have decided to make a chat box!!!!!! We can talk about Wwe Adam and clubpenguin             Click Here  to come Please come its safe.


Since i was the first one to post this i got a copy right service on this please tell me in a comment if u are going to use this on your site and give me full criedit with a link to my site or i will be forced to tell wordpress and they will suspend ur blog. Registered & Protected

1. Go on a safe chat server.
2 Go to the Ski Lodge.
3. Walk towards the Find 4 table, QUICKLY  Click the map.
4. Do not hit yes yet, but hit the tab button till u are over the ice burg or the dojo ect. Any room.
5.Then click enter While ur in the room u picked you should be playing in that room.
Video coming soon


9 Responses

  1. This is awsome how do u like it?

  2. cool

  3. Hey awesome glitch! I found one too! Keep up the great work!


  4. this glitch doesn’t work how do you do it?

  5. oh just kidding i did it wrong

  6. hey i love your site its awsome i have a cp site to its ******************** plz check it out and can u plzzzzz put my blog on your blog roll plz….
    send me a comment telling me u did if u do add my blog and plzzzzzzzzz also i love your site its sweet!!!

    Dviper27 – Dude

  7. hey thats nice! did mr fun and dirt shorts apolgize. if they didnt im going to show what they to everyone on my site.

  8. wuts so cool

  9. sdjffffffffffffffffffffffffffdrdydjyttukdfuktftuyiltgog;u8ghp978t9p78g76tt76

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