Clubpenguin Coin Cheat

Complete full credit to Lilguy574This is not a hack everyone.  There have been no reports of banns but im not responsible for bans.

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  1. Log in on penguin you wish to earn coins on
  2. Log in to a safe chat server.
  3. Go to the dance club and go to dj3k.
  4. Do not press YES, instead press the TAB button on your keyboard until the box is around your igloo button on the tool bar
  5. Press ENTER on your keyboard
  6. Once you are in your igloo press YES
  7.  A faster version is to press tab when your in the game until there is a yellow box around the X at the top of the game. Hold down ENTER and watch the number grow!
  8. Do this until you’ve gotten the desired amount of coins.
  9. Log out in order to save the coins.

12. Have fun spending your coins!

For some proof, here is are pictures of our player cards. These are no edits.

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9 Responses

  1. I think you will have quite a shopping spree after this. 🙂
    What do you think of it?
    I think it is the best cheat ever.

  2. awesome a coin cheat now i got everything!!!! 😀 🙂

  3. uhhhhhhh dviper27 i tried the coin cheat again but now it dosent work……..

  4. Look at the post above.

  5. Here is another cheat for the Fall Fair:

    1.First go to the dock to play Grab And Spin.

    2.Then spin and get at least 10-50 tickets.

    3.And when it says that you are done press tab and stop when it is on the End Game sign.

    4.Now hold down Enter as long as you like!

    5.Now click Quit and you should have over 5000 tickets!


    Hope I helped!

  6. i already knew that it really works!!!! i got 110,789 tickets

  7. ok does this still work cuz im trying and the tab is stuck on me!

  8. I got one, u go to ur iggy, and press the door, then u walk out, while it loads, try to click on hq phone, click arrow three times, The go to dance, u will get 5000000 coins!!!!!

  9. It doesn’t work. When can I get a cheat that works?

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