awsome site! this is a new penguinon my blogroll his name is mohd222 he has a really cool site so vist it!


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  1. do u have any xtra coin codes? i really want one. i would get alot of stuff with one coin codes just send the code to my email adress if u decide. plz plz!

  2. dumb toot!

  3. PSA is going to shut u down and the website will no longer be available. so you better get ready.billybob is going to shut u down for these cheats! you wont get away! we will ban your penguin too! so get ready PSA will suroond you all around CP!

  4. Hey penguins! Im the Item Box. This clubpenguin comment cheat is how to do the hardest difficulity mode on the dance contest! When you start, cadence will talk. But dont do anything, just press on her head then HARD DIFFACULITY! Hope you like this comment cheat!

    Item Box

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