Rockhopper Tracker

Hey guys I found a Rockhopper finding guide comment how you like it.


11 Responses

  1. This tracker sometimes works chances are if it will never stop saying tracking than that meens he is offline.


  2. Hope you like it.


  3. Hes ofline thats sux
    I Know that stinks but he cant be on all day.


  4. hi im mmmnnn456 yo in cp and can we meet dviper pls and be best friends buy the way ima sk8ter boi and a member so lets meet at the mountain at server mittens at 6 agust k.

    Diper27:ill be happy to meet you on cp im going to be on icecicle alot so see you there and by the way my new penguin is Racvan

  5. i hope u find him

  6. rockhopper is awsome

  7. please find him

  8. help find rockhopper

  9. i hope he never logs off

  10. u are the best

  11. please responed

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