Yep, That’s right! After waiting a really long time, all penguins who tested in the Club Penguin Improvement Project test servers will be getting their CPIP item added into their inventories THIS FRIDAY, the 30th. Click here for details

CP wanted to deliver this with Penguin Mail and the log-in and playercard feature, but they are still under development so they won’t be released yet.

Even if you only logged in once in the Test Servers, you should still get a CPIP item.


One Response

  1. Und3ro4th97’s 7,000 Hits Party! (Sorry to advertise, no one came to my last party)

    Where: Frozen (if full, Klondike), Everywhere on the Club Penguin Island

    When: Friday, May 30th at 5:00 PM PST-7:00 PM PST

    Why: I reached 7,000 hits!

    Who: Everyone and Und3ro4th97!

    What: Partay!!!!

    Meet Where: At my igloo (will be open)


    Hope you can make it!


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