Return of the Wizard Hat, Anvil Pin, and Secrets



The free Wizard Hat is available at the Lighthouse.

(By Fever)

The Anvil pin is in the Boiler Room. Point your cursor at the Pot for the Anvil Maker to start making the pin.

(By Fever)

Furniture Catalog Secrets

Click on the Ficus Plant for the Palm Tree

Click on the Large House Plant for the Coffee House Tree

Click on the Vase for the Plush Gray Chair

Click on the hole in the Pink Plastic Castle for the Inflatable Dragon

Click on the sink part of the Kitchen Sink for the Cake

Pet Furniture Catalog Secrets

The Pet Furniture Catalog is located in the Pet Store.

Click on the Brown dot next to the Green House on Page 4 for the Grey House.

There is a new Pink Ice Palace Igloo in the Igloo Catalog.

If you don’t know, the Medieval Igloo Contest starts today. CP has changed the prizes: Now TWENTY winners will be selected, besides 10. The Top Ten win 25,000 coins, and the rest win 15,000 coins. I believe their names and igloos will also be in the newspaper.

Here are some tips the judges gave: As Creative as possible, Medieval-Themed, Variety of old and new furniture, will not be based on how many coins you spent on it


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